Pastor PJ

Until the age of 14, Pastor PJ (Paulo Junior) grew up in São Paulo, Brazil believing he would be a professional soccer player. He played well, working with his father to make that dream come true. He was brought to New Jersey not knowing a word of English, still believing he would play. Learning both English and Spanish fluently, by the age of 18 he was offered to play professionally in Brazil and had a ticket to go. Not knowing a thing about PJ, God used a man to tell him not to take the trip that was planned and that God had different plans for him. Although somewhat disappointed, he and his family obeyed. PJ Went to a small seminary and continued to grow in his Faith. Years later after he experienced church with the late David T. Demola and knowing the hand of God was on his life, he recognized his need to be there.... He began to study the Word even more intensely under this leadership studying grace and faith that was different than his traditional upbringing. After meeting and eventually marrying his wife, Cynthia Demola, PJ went to FITS Bible School. Now under Pastor Demola, his father in law, PJ eventually became a staff pastor and the pastor of the Portuguese language service. He was an international representative of David Demola and his ministry in 4 continents. PJ was mentored personally by His father in law to step in and pastor as his legacy, having been told this by Pastor David almost weekly for years. Pastor PJ is now a powerful speaker with a heart after God and the hope to help every person he meets know Jesus and experience his power in their daily life. He is a unique and gifted man who preaches in English, Portuguese and Spanish all over the world.


Cynthia Demola-Oliveira’s life has been earmarked by service. She is the wife of Pastor PJ Oliveira of Marked Church. She is also the daughter of international apostle, pastor and teacher David T. Demola, and the granddaughter of Pastor Joseph Demola, Sr. Cynthia spent a lot of her life in a supportive role in ministry, learning almost every aspect of it, first as a volunteer, and then a staff member at the former Faith Fellowship Ministries with her father. ... She led International Conferences, the publishing and arts departments and worked in TV. Cynthia learned from her father to touch the lives of people with good news in any possible way and has always had a true passion to pursue that path. She attended Bible School early and then later, college and medical school. She practices medicine as a Physician Assistant, in the field of Nephrology. Her first book: Marked For Life, Not Scarred, chronicles her true story of sexual abuse, freedom from it and finding your destiny. She is halfway through the prequel to the Marked For Life Series; “Marked First”. She serves alongside her husband, PJ, at Marked Church. Pastor PJ and Cynthia reside with their son Jordon and their toy poodle, Bella.